October 10, 2007

One NLD Member Died in Detention

Pyae Sone | 1:05 AM |
Dear All,
This is immediate info dissemination as more disturbing news coming from Burma.I just received horrible news this morning about a death of a youth member of NLD party duringinterrogation at Police Battalion (13), Palate Town in Sagaing Division, Central Burma.Mr. Win Shwe, 42-year-old, was arrested along with five other colleagues on 26th September atnight in Kyaukpadaung, Mandalay Division.His family was informed by authorities about 3 days ago that he had died and his bady wasalready cremated at the detention center.I am quite worried of more reporting of detainees’ horrendous situation will follow.The security forces have become more severe in raiding houses of and searching for anyonewhom they suspect to have been involved in the protests. Not only family members andrelatives, but also neighbors have been threatened to turn in those who are on the run. SinceOctober 8 until today (10 Oct morning), at least 5 more people have been arrested in Rangoon.On the other hand, whether good news or not, but two Burmese diplomats resigned. One is inLondon and another one in Australia.Burmese Ambassador to Australia was on the Australian radio speaking out against thebeating and shooting of monks. He defects and applies for asylum. Another diplomat, Ye MinTun, second counselor from Burmese embassy in London, has also resigned on October 5,saying he can no longer work for a government which attacks unarmed monks.Since Ye Min Tun’s defect, the authorities have imposed more restrictions on the Embassiesstaff abroad in fear of possible more defects.
In Solidarity,
Khin OhmarCoordinator, APPPB

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